Police Accountability Board Public Notes 08th May 2018

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Action Notes and Decision Record

8th May 2018


1. Welcome and Introductions


Stephen Mold (PCC)

Martin Scoble (CEO)

Paul Fell (Director for Delivery)

Louise Sheridan (Executive Assistant)

Emily Evans (Governance Assistant)

Simon Edens (CC)

Rachel Swann (DCC)

James Andronov (ACC)

Ali Naylor (Director of HR)


2. Decisions and Actions from Last Meeting

– RS to provide communications strategy update.

– All other actions were discharged.


3. Safeguarding of Children and Promotion of Child Welfare

– JA provided a brief summary of current approach to safeguarding children, including multi agency approach and the boards that oversee the MASH. JA noted that there are currently some changes being made to MASH to ensure that service is consistent and to drive continuous improvement.

– HMICFRS and OFSTED have both identified MASH performance as good. JA noted concerns regarding possibility of there being 2 Safeguarding Children and Adults Board once NCC becomes two unitary authorities, citing the fact that changes to legislation meant that it would be possible for 1 safeguarding board to cover more than one Local Authority and this at this point in time would be the Force preferred option.

– JA provided assurances that there are robust audit processes in place and that learning identified through tow serious case reviews is being implemented at pace.

– SM noted concerns regarding timeline for unitary authorities and advised that MS will hopefully attend Chief Executives Board to ensure that we are kept updated.

– SM requested reassurance regarding recent cases. JA advised that the Public Protection Notice process is being reviewed to ensure that it is fit for purpose.

– SM requested reassurance regarding process for identifying whether children are present during domestic abuse incidents as current figures show that there are children present in 20% of domestic abuse incidents and he felt that this
seemed low. RS advised that Officers are trained to identify whether children are present and take appropriate action. JA noted that he will look in to this further.

– There was some discussion regarding the backlog of MASH assessments cases, which has now been cleared.

– There was a discussion regarding the HMICFRS Child Protection Inspection and learning that has subsequently been identified. Force is still currently awaiting report.

– JA provided reassurance that he attends all Child Protection Board Meetings.

– There was a discussion in relation to the availability of resources available in Local Authority (NCC), in the light of the current proposals to restructure local government. Concern was raised about any adverse effect this might have in
relation to this area of vulnerability and assessment and management of it. Agreed that Force and OPCC needed to be involved in these ongoing discussions.

– JA requested assistance from the OPCC in keeping up to date with the transition to unitary authorities.

– JA to provide information regarding outcomes of the 2014/15 audit and how this will influence the 2017/18 audit.

– SM to ensure engagement with Health and Wellbeing Board.

ACTION JA to provide additional details in relation to whether the 20% of cases where reported a child is present at DA incidents is correct

ACTION MS and JA to discuss how we approach and remain involved in ongoing discussions re future local authority structures in the County.


4. 1/4ly Performance Update

– JA gave brief summary of current Force Performance and noted that violent crime and 999 calls are increasing, although deployment is going down. JA noted that demand is increasing in the public safety / welfare areas which has caused an increase in the length of time each deployment takes due to the nature of and often the complexity of these incidents.

– SM noted that this data could be useful in presenting a case for securing a fairer funding formula. RS advised that CDD are compiling a quarterly report to identify efficiencies.

– JA noted that Mental Health issues have increased demand and that work is ongoing to better identify demand where referral to other agencies might be more appropriate. JA outlined some examples of where the Force were better equipping staff to deal with a range of issues including additional first aid training to staff.

ACTION: SM to write to EMAS to request reassurance that by increasing officer training in first aid, will not result in downgrading of incidents by EMAS where a police officer is in attendance..

– It was noted that it is expected that incidents will increase during the summer months and that the FCR will be appropriately resourced to meet demand.

– SM requested more information regarding why ASB is falling. JA noted increased engagement may be the cause rather than under recording.

– SM requested clarification regarding transport related incidents.

ACTION: JA to provide breakdown of transport related incidents.

– JA provided reassurance that FCR performance is still very good with the resources available and provides excellent value for money while managing risk effectively.

– It was noted that overall performance of the FCR is good, taking in to account the resources available and that work is ongoing to improve the service, including single online home, call backs, etc.

– An update was provided regarding the progress of the SDM and it was noted that a review of response and despatching is ongoing within the change team. It was noted that overall, response times are reducing through the properapplication of thrive to make good decisions regarding incident grading.

– SM requested reassurance regarding the decline in incidents that are responded to.

– JA provided reassurance that response times are currently under review through the PIG and change team.

– It was noted that the SDM is kept under review to ensure that resources are appropriately allocated.

– It was noted that intelligence logs from NPTs are increasing.

– JA noted declining outcomes for investigations and advised that this reflects the national picture. JA advised that Officers are being moved in to FIT from response, however there is an ongoing backlog which is causing concerns.

– Changes noted regarding Out Of Court Disposals to ensure that the right outcome is reached to best protect people from harm.

– SM requested reassurance that delays in FIT are not adversely impacting victims.

– JA provided reassurance that the work ongoing to decrease the backlog in FIT is under way, however it is still causing some concerns.

– Reassurance was provided regarding establishment numbers and exposure ofstudent officers to the right areas of business to ensure proper training.

– It was noted that sickness is reducing as a result of some communication activity and process reviews/interventions to raise awareness amongst staff. JA made the point the activity coincided with increased attendance and therefore is hopeful this will continue to improve.

– JA noted that decision making regarding domestic abuse incidents is being scrutinised and is kept under review to ensure that the right decisions are made, however there are still concerns regarding the arrest rate at DA incidents.

– SM requested clarification regarding what would be considered good regarding DA. SE noted that this may not be linked to the arrest rate but instead reaching the right outcomes. JA agreed that the current arrest rate needs to increase and that this is a work in progress.

– SM noted concerns regarding burglary. JA advised that Op Crooked has been successful, however SAC has had limited resources since harm based crimes took priority.

– SM noted that burglary has been brought to the Accountability Board twice, however burglary figures have not decreased. SE advised that there has been work ongoing to address the concerns regarding burglary and that this will continue. SM made his position very clear that he did not find the current position in relation to burglary levels acceptable and expected to seeimprovements in this area.

– JA noted concerns regarding the satisfaction survey and the sample not being representative, however PF provided reassurance that Leicestershire is now properly resourced to give better picture.


5. HMICFRS peel Effectiveness Inspection – Post Publication Response

– RS gave brief summary of HMICFRS Effectiveness Report and noted that HMICFRS have recognised that positive action has been taken since the previous inspection in 2016.

– It was noted that investigating crime is one of the biggest areas for concerns, however there is still a challenge to implement and maintain improvement across the Force.

– It was advised that the backlog of outstanding sex offender visits is reducing and is on target to clear the backlog by September 2018 through increased investment and training.

– RS noted DAPIT team has been rated as good.

– RS provided reassurance regarding EMOpSS and Nottinghamshire leaving the agreement, and suggested that this may improve performance in some areas.

– RS advised of Performance Improvement Group and AFI Gold Group in driving improvement.

– SM requested reassurance regarding the SDM which was provided by RS, who advised that she is still confident in the SDM as it provides constant review which informs change.

– RS noted that JA has responsibility for ensuring AFIs are not missed.

ACTION: JA to provide update regarding new members of staff in cybercrime to LS. Have these been recruited as yet.

– SM noted that there needs to be a dynamic approach in order to ensure improvement by the next inspection.


6. Fraud

– Postponed until the next meeting due to limited time.


7. Establishment Numbers

– SM requested clarification regarding what establishment is and when it will achieved. It was noted that there are challenges regarding establishing how the figures were worked out in 2016 and that work is ongoing to identify how this
was worked out.

ACTION: RS to provide report on establishment numbers since 2016 once completed.

– It was agreed that the OPCC would be notified as posts are recruited for using the additional funds provided by the OPCC.

– SM noted concerns regarding timescales for recruitment.

– SM noted concerns regarding PCSO numbers.

– RS advised that these issues have been caused by under resourcing in HR and Finance.

– SM requested that he is kept updated regarding establishment numbers.


8. AOB

– It was agreed that future discussions are required regarding the move to unitary authorities – this will be picked up at the next PCC/CC 1:1.