Police Accountability Board Public Notes 5th June 2018

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Action Notes and Decision Record

5th June 2018


1. Welcome and Introductions


Stephen Mold (PCC)

Martin Scoble (CEO)

Paul Fell (Director for Delivery)

Louise Sheridan (Executive Assistant)

Emily Evans (Governance Assistant)

Simon Edens (CC)

Rachel Swann (DCC)

Ali Naylor (Director of HR)


2. Decisions and Actions from Last Meeting

– SM welcomed the meeting.

– Update received from RS regarding EMOpSS in November 2018.

– SE noted that Northamptonshire has seen the fourth smallest increase in burglary incidents nationally.

– SM confirmed that he has written to EMAS as per previous and awaits a response

– All other actions were discharged.


3. SDM 6 Monthly Review

– RS gave brief overview of the SDM and update on progress.

– RS noted challenges in getting the right resources with the relevant skills in the right roles, however there has been a significant increase in staffing levels with the £2million additional investment intended to create 46 frontline roles.

– RS noted challenges with recruitment and gave update on strategy for attracting applicants.

– Feedback from SDM Focus Groups relates to work completed by the IPSCJ.

– Clarification given regarding performance and absenteeism, which is still an issue.

– Additional activity is required for engaging staff and gaining leadership buy in to the SDM.

– RS noted that more thought should have been given to staff emotional readiness during the roll out process for the SDM in order to create a culture more open to change and continuous improvement. The force had learnt from this in relation to future change plans.

– SM noted commitment to improvement.

– Challenges regarding abstractions were noted regarding domestic or compassionate reasons for granting leave. AN is considering the future Force approach to this.

– It was agreed that additional work is required to understand abstractions in the context of relevant policies and cultural policies.

– RS drew attention to SDM Force Survey and noted key findings.

– SM requested reassurance that the FRS estate will be used by the MAU as part of the SDM plan to increase percentage of station based appointments.

– Changes were noted regarding increasing time needed to complete response jobs, given the increased complexity of these.

– Areas for Improvement regarding investigations were noted and the plan to address these issues were explained.

– It was noted that FIT is now at establishment, however the backlog still needs to be managed.

– RS noted positive outcomes regarding Neighbourhood Teams.

– Challenges regarding Neighbourhood Teams were explained.

– It was noted that response is carrying a high number of vacancies which is currently being looked at.

– FPT heavily abstracted to tackle sex offender visit backlog.

– RS gave thanks for contribution of the Special Constabulary.

– SM requested reassurance regarding resourcing issues at the critical implementation time of the SDM which was provided by RS and AN.

– SM noted concerns regarding establishment numbers and time being taken to get to establishment. SM noted disappointment with establishment numbers

– SE noted learning taken from these concerns.

– There was a discussion regarding a previous agreed investment of £2 million and how it has been spent, with a requirement to provide detail to SM.

– It was noted that another 12 months is required to establish whether the SDM is successful.

– SM requested clarification regarding the SDM and wellbeing. RS provided reassurance that this is being looked at.

– SM noted that incidents are taking longer to deal with and requested some reassurance that this is for legitimate reasons. RS advised that this is being monitored by CDD.

– SM requested reassurance regarding triaging investigations and ensuring that they are not filed at source.

– SM advised of concerns regarding decline is Special Constabulary numbers.

ACTION: RS to ensure that crimes are not filed at source based on crime category.

ACTION: RS to speak to Ian Wills regarding redrawing graph on page 26 of the SDM presentation.

ACTION: PF to follow up on issues with Special Constabulary numbers with Mick Stamper. (350 – 400 issue)

– RS suggested that there should be an agreed ideal number of hours contributed by Specials.

– RS provided reassurance regarding AFIs relating to the SDM being implemented prior to the next HMICFRS inspection.

ACTION: RS to provide timeline for implementation of the recommendations for improvements to the SDM.

– Concerns regarding backlog in FIT are being looked at by JA.


4. Establishment Numbers

– AN gave brief overview of paper and gave update on Police Officer and PCSO strength and establishment.

– SM requested reassurance regarding PCSO establishment figures which was provided by AN.

ACTION: PF to share information regarding Sponsored PCSO contracts with CH.

ACTION: PF to have follow up conversation with AN regarding increasing amount of Sponsored PCSO posts.

– AN gave overview of Police Officer numbers against establishment which is currently at 1206. Establishment will be increased as recruitment is progressed. Establishment will increase to 1225, plus 6 sponsorship posts.

– AN suggested that targeted marketing for transferees could be an option for quicker recruitment.

– 1250 includes establishment, partnership posts and an additional 10, which is the target for recruitment.

ACTION: AN to provide list of partnership posts.

– AN gave update on current recruitment cycles.

– AN provided reassurance regarding risks of over recruitment. AN provided reassurance that over recruitment mitigates risks of being under establishment.

– SM requested reassurance regarding sickness and attendance. AN advised that work is ongoing to ensure that line managers are being encouraged to manage staff effectively.

– It was noted that there is ongoing comms work is taking place to tackle sickness and abstraction.

ACTION: AN to send SM link to absence videos.

– SM requested reassurance regarding restricted and recuperative duties, Clarification and reassurance was provided by AN.

– SM suggested that the staff survey should take place prior to September. This was agreed.


5. Police and Crime Plan Delivery

– SM noted thanks for collaborative working between Force and the OPCC.

– SM suggested comprehensive comms plan to promote the Police and
Crime Plan Delivery.

– It was suggested that there should be a joined up strategy connecting
communities and volunteers to improve public perception.

– RS suggested that feedback given to Stephen during public engagements.
Culd be recorded to be fed back into Force to support confidence activity

– SM suggested that there should be a better comms strategy to
communicate ongoing work to the public.

– SE noted that wellbeing strategy is in place in line with CoP guidance,
however there is scope to increase peer support and CoP funding will allow
best practice to be identified.

ACTION – PF to speak to Helen Cook and Deborah Denton as to how
this could be achieved.


6. Joint HMICFRS/HMIP Custody Inspection

– SE noted concerns with some of the finding of the latest HMICFRS/HMIP recommendations regarding shared posts with Leicestershire Police. SM reiterated his support for the Force stance in relation to shared ACC post being a member of Northamptonshire COT.

– SE drew attention to positive findings of the report and SM acknowledged positive findings.

– Updated provided regarding changes implemented post report.

ACTION: SM to write to Childrens Services regarding the services offered when children are detained in custody overnight.

– Recommendations are built in to current HMICFRS AFI plan.

– SM requested reassurance that AFIs will be picked up in a timely manner. SE agreed that effective governance is in place to ensure that AFIs are actioned.

– SM noted concerns regarding issues with capacity at WWJC not being utilised.

ACTION: Item to be revisited at Accountability Board in 3 months.


7. Well-Being

– SM had no concerns.


8. Equality and Diversity

– SM acknowledged good work.

– SM noted concerns regarding representation of workforce. RS advised of new role appointed to deal with this.


9. Fraud

– SM had no concerns regarding Fraud.


10. AOB

– There was no other business.