Police Accountability Board Public Notes 4th September 2017

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Action Notes and Decision Record

4th September 2017


1. Welcome and Introductions


Stephen Mold (PCC)

Simon Edens (CC)

Martin Scoble (CEO)

James Andronov (ACC)


2. Decision Record from Previous Meeting

-All items covered under separate arrangements.


3. Domestic Abuse

The PCC seeks assurance on a number of matters concerning domestic abuse as part of his commitment to make Northamptonshire safer.

He requests an update on the Northamptonshire Police approach to these issues to include:

  • The level of reported domestic incidents
  • The levels of recorded domestic crimes
  • The categorisation of such crimes
  • Resolution rates for these crimes, including levels of failed prosecutions and reasons


He asks that the report provide an explanation of the Force position and view on positive interventions or actions to be taken at the scene of, or on receipt of a report of domestic abuse. (Does this relate to arrests of suspected offenders and if so what is the current arrest rate or is this a wider definition?).

He seeks clarification on whether the Force is able to report on domestic incidents as a result of coercion and control as opposed to violent action.

Activity the Force currently undertakes or plans to undertake in relation to victim support or offender intervention.

Anything else the Force feels may be of interest in providing this reassurance.

Actions and Discussion

  • High demand area
  • SDM reviews will determine whether demand trend increases and if resourcing is adequate. ACTION: Force to include updates to PCC throughout SDM implementation
  • DAPIT part of a layered approach to DA and will provide consistent approach
  • Current DA provision in Force meets the demand and provides an adequate level of service. Specifically it will address all HMIC related recommendations
  • Requirement to link up Early Intervention and comms opportunities between Force and OPCC along with other partners. ACTION: OPCC & Force to confirm all EI and comms opportunities
  • DA should be formally reviewed again. ACTION: Add DA to the assurance schedule to be formally reviewed annually



The Commissioner seeks reassurance on the current position relating to MFSS. This need not be limited to but is to include:

  • The current processes in place to ensure that HR and finance data in the system is accurate and readily available to organisational managers.

The progress in relation to the plan to move to FUSION on 1st April 2018, including governance and associated risks/mitigation

Actions and Discussion

  • MFSS is highlighted as a key Force risk and has massive implications if not delivered
  • Three key areas of work for MFSS
    • Day to day work
    • Oracle/Fusion implementation
    • On boarding new clients
    • (additional requirement to establish fit for purpose governance structure as previously described – client and shareholder)
  • MFSS has not got sufficient capability or capacity
  • DCCs for Northants and Notts as the joint SROs have written to MFSS seeking confirmation of approach and assurances that appropriate plans are in place


5. SDM Update

An opportunity for the Force to provide and discuss final issues ahead of the full implementation of SDM on 30th October 2017.

Actions and Discussion

  • Chief Officer led Roadshows started
  • SDM implementation of 31st Oct 17 is on track and all known risks are understood and mitigated

6. AOB

– None