Police Accountability Board Public Notes 31st July 2017

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Action Notes and Decision Record

31th July 2017


1. Welcome and Introductions


Stephen Mold (SM), Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commissioner (Chair)

Paul Fell (PF), Director for Delivery, OPCC

Emily Evans (EE), Minute Taker, OPCC

Rachel Swann (RS), Deputy Chief Constable


-SM welcomed the meeting.


2. Outstanding Issues and Actions from Previous Meeting

– A brief update was given on any outstanding actions and all were discharged.

– RS provided reassurance that there are robust processes in place to tackle sickness. This included the fact that all actions agreed at the last Accountability Board meeting had been implemented and that she had confidence in the fact that the HR team in place now would assist in starting to resolve those concerns that had been expressed.

ACTION: Review sickness rates in 6 months.


3. SDM and Op Balance Update


– There was a brief update on both SDM and Op Balance, given by RS.

– RS made the point that the two pieces of work were different. SDM was about how the framework of the Force was constructed to deliver service and protect people from harm. Operation Balance was about process efficiency and meeting potential budget deficits from 2018/19 onwards.

– RS advised of current financial pressures and the sustainability and there was a discussion regarding the budget.

– The Estates Strategy and its requirements within Op Balance and the SDM were considered.

– RS advised of timeline for implementation of the SDM and the implications this will have for the HMIC Inspections. SDM go live date will now be 30th October 2017. SM suggested there should be a communications piece regarding this work. RS agreed this should take place in the autumn once it is ready to go live and there was a structured plan to do so.

– SM requested update regarding sponsored PCSOs which was provided by PF and RS. There was some further discussion regarding the pros and cons of implementing sponsored PCSOs but agreed that this was an activity that was currently already in place and was likely to continue.

– There was some discussion regarding how victim satisfaction and performance data feeds in to the SDM. Chief Supt Meynell now chairs a group that oversees this. It was noted that proposed changes in the Police complaints system in 2018 will need to be factored into this. RS gave update on some changes implemented that will increase public confidence such as implementing a text service for feedback from victims of crime.



– RS advised of potential issues expected with the implementation of the SDM, including recruitment issues.

– RS gave update on analysis work regarding increased calls received in to the FCR and the trigger plan activation to ensure that the Force could meet this demand. SM suggested that there was some discussion regarding this increase in demand and the possible reasons for this.

– SM requested reassurance regarding how dynamic the SDM will be and RS advised that the SDM monitoring framework is currently under development and will monitor demand and inform changes.

– There was discussion in relation to the competing demands in relation to delivery of the SDM monitoring framework and the Police and Crime Plan Performance reporting framework. It was agreed that these were not supposed to be completely separate but could be inter dependent.

– RS advised of staffing issues with the corporate communications department and gave update on actions going forward to improve communications when implementing the SDM. SM offered assistance with sharing information and engaging members of the public and members of staff. There was some discussion regarding engagement within the Force and ways to improve.


Summary and Actions

ACTION: Martin Scoble and new OPCC CFO to test the assumptions that the Force are using to predict an approximate £2.25M deficit in 2018/19.

ACTION: PF to speak to Gary Ashton and Sarah Crampton regarding Police and Crime Plan Performance Framework and SDM monitoring framework delivery.

ACTION: OPCC directors to attend focus groups set up within the Force. PF will liaise with Ian Wills and Andrew Wilson to arrange.

ACTION: RS to provide communications pack to SM for public engagement regarding SDM.

ACTION: RS to provide an update on the system to text crime victims for service feedback. How many have been undertaken since implementation and early results and learning from this.


4. HMIC – AFIs & Action Plans


– RS introduced the topic and gave update. RS noted that there have been some positive points and advised of potential challenges.

– There was some discussion regarding the 24 hour standard for recording crime and ways to automate parts of the process to reduce workload.

– RS gave update on progress of outstanding HMIC recommendations. There was some discussion regarding current outstanding AFIs and the challenges they present.

– The role of the Gold Group was noted, which aims to address AFIs and brings greater structure to this overall governance.

– SM requested reassurance regarding the relevance of the HMIC recommendations and RS advised that they are fair, relevant and achievable, with many of their conclusions supporting improving investigative standards.

– It was advised that the demand management framework will allow for supervisors to manage performance and identify low performers, giving them the tools to improve performance. RS advised that results may not be seen as soon as the next inspection.

– RS noted changes to Force Assurance Board and how the new process will work.


Summary and Actions

– SM gave brief summary that there may not be the full benefits of the SDM in the timeframe for the next HMIC round of inspections, however there is adequate assurance that it will improve over time.

ACTION: PF to attend Force Assurance Board.


5. AOB

– There was no other business and SM closed the meeting.