Police Accountability Board Public Notes 28th November 2017

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Action Notes and Decision Record

28th November 2017


1. Welcome and Introductions


Stephen Mold (SM), Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commissioner (Chair)

Martin Scoble (MS), Chief Executive, OPCC

Emily Evans (EE), Minute Taker, OPCC


Simon Edens (SE), Chief Constable, Northamptonshire Police

Paul Dawkins (PD), Finance Director, Northamptonshire Police

Mark Brayfield (MB), DI Counter Corruption Unit, Northamptonshire Police

Andrew Wilson (AW), Head of Change, Northamptonshire Police


– SM gave welcome to attendees.


2. Outstanding Issues and Actions from Previous Meeting

– All actions were completed.

ACTION: SE to provide an aspirational timeline for the clearance of  outstanding sex offender visits.


3. 101 Call Handling

– SM gave thanks for the quality of the report. It was noted that the report is an example of good accountability.

– SE gave brief overview of the report and excellent performance regarding 999 calls was noted.

– SE drew attention to the extreme examples of long waiting times and noted that work is required to reduce these waiting times.

– Recognition was given to staff in the FCR for their excellent work.

– There was discussion about how the service can be improved going forward. Challenges such as recruitment, managing the expectations of members of the public and use of technology were discussed.

– SM requested clarification regarding the IVR system and how many callers get through to the correct department. SE advised that there needs to be some consistency regarding voicemail. AW advised that there is work ongoing to address this issue.

– It was noted that failure to update victims may be increasing demand. There is currently ongoing recruitment which will provide support with updating victims.

– SM noted peak in demand during the summer and requested clarification. SE advised that this was experienced nationally and that it is currently unexplained but that work is ongoing to understand the issues.

– There was a discussion regarding demand forecasting and how it is used to predict demand.

– It was noted that overtime is offered to Officers to work in the FCR due to under resourcing due to recruitment issues. Challenges regarding recruitment were discussed.

– There was a discussion regarding overflow from Leicestershire Police and the challenges it presents.

– There was a discussion regarding service level agreements and whether they are realistic. It was suggested that automated recordings updating members of the pubic regarding the progress of their call could be implemented.

– It was noted that the complete call back service will be rolled out by the end of the year.

– Clarification was requested regarding prioritisation of 101 calls which was provided by SE.

– SM requested information regarding what issues people are using the 101 service for and whether they should be contacting other agencies.

– SM noted that THRIVE has been successful.

– Reassurance was requested regarding consistent increases in demand which was provided by AW, who monitors demand and adjusts resources accordingly.

– SM noted support for the FCR regarding resources and support from OPCC staff.

ACTION: AW to provide further information regarding trends and data.

ACTION: OPCC to support creation of external comms plan for the FCR.

ACTION: SE to contact CC Simon Coles and SM to contact PCC Willy Bach regarding call overflow from Leicestershire.


4. Counter Corruption Unit and Sexual Predation

– SE gave brief introduction to the topic and noted challenges within the Force.

– SM noted positive action that has already been taken and commended the excellent leadership.

– MB offered reassurance that there has been an increase in internal reporting and intelligence.

– It was noted that there are additional resources allocated to the counter corruption unit to meet the increasing demand.

– MB provided reassurance of the legality of the business monitoring through employment terms and conditions.

– SM requested additional information regarding volumes and trends. MB advised that there are currently 6 live investigations.

– SM noted support for encouraging reporting and suggested that it could be considered by the Ethics Committee.

– SM requested reassurance that internal process meets with the national standards and this was provided by MB.

– There was a discussion regarding resources and the potential for shared regional resource.

– SM noted positive relationships with other agencies such as MARAC and Sunflower.

– MB discussed process for promotions for members of staff who are under investigation.


5. SDM Update

– SE gave verbal update regarding the early successes and challenges of the SDM.

– AW noted review areas, prioritisation, successes and challenges; including pressures in investigations and Northampton Local Response. There was a discussion regarding the biggest challenges, particularly investigations.

– AW noted increasing demand across the region.

– SM requested update on progress in reaching establishment. AW advised that recruitment is ongoing and that there is a significant time delay because of recruitment, vetting and training.

– It was noted that there is an ongoing review with transport and travel to identify potential savings.


6. AOB

– SM gave update on progress made regarding the redevelopment of FHQ.