Police Accountability Board Public Notes 27th March 2018

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Action Notes and Decision Record

27th March 2018


1. Welcome and Introductions


Stephen Mold (PCC)

Martin Scoble (CEO)

Paul Fell (Director for Delivery)

Louise Sheridan (Executive Assistant)

Emily Evans (Governance Assistant)

Simon Edens (CC)

Rachel Swann (DCC)


2. Decisions and Actions from Last Meeting

– Stephen welcomed all to the meeting.

– JA gave updates on outstanding actions from the previous meeting.

– JA clarified that the target for outstanding visits to sex offenders is 0 the target, accepting that there may be occasions where we cannot get replies to some visits given the unannounced nature of them and that he is confident that the backlog will be cleared by September / October.

– JA gave update regarding plan to increase partnership investment in SOC.

– Update to be provided at next meeting regarding media strategy relating to SOC.

ACTION JA to provide update at next meeting following 11th April SOC Board meeting

– Outstanding action regarding statistics on drugs related activity.

ACTION JA to provide statistics relating to crime levels and stop searches to SM.

– All other actions were discharged.


3. Presentation of Business Cases Forming Part of the Budget Setting Process
for 2018/2019

– SM requested reassurance regarding the effectiveness of the SDM, in the light of these business cases SE explained that the SDM is dynamic and will evolve effectively to meet changing demand. SE stated however that he was confident in the fact that SDM was the correct approach and model for the Force.

– RS provided an update ongoing work to address concerns with the SDM due to members of staff who are currently on restricted duties, absenteeism and being under establishment.

– SM requested that Ali Naylor presents on HR issues before the next Accountability Board.

ACTION PF to Arrange a briefing date between AN and SM

– There was a discussion regarding recruitment and establishment and how it might look in the future. SM suggested that clear monthly statistics would be useful. Agreed that post the AN and SM briefing the establishment and recruitment figures for Police Officers will be presented monthly at accountability board.

– It was noted that finance for any business cases agreed will be split 60/40 between the OPCC and Force and will paid once new posts are in post and the establishment number reflects this. There was discussion regarding savings that might be accrued given that new posts would not be recruited and in place for the full year of 2018/19 and using them to offset finances for the following year.

– SE requested clarification regarding the direction of Early Intervention work. SM agreed that this would be discussed at a separate meeting.

ACTION: NM to brief JA on plans for Early Intervention


Additional Corporate Communications Resources

– RS gave update on the current position of corporate communications and how it can be used to improve public perception and confidence, including the whole workforce in this. RS explained how the two proposed roles can be used to achieve this.

– SM requested clarification regarding the decision that the digital post should be a PCSO. RS gave advice regarding good practice from other areas and the opportunity to ‘patrol cyber streets’. There was discussion regarding giving communications a more personal and friendly approach.

– SM requested reassurance regarding establishment PCSO figures, which this post will increase. SE gave reassurance that this post plus the Sponsored PCSO posts will be additional to current establishment figures.

– There was a discussion regarding the Sponsored PCSO posts and it was noted that the scheme is about additionality. It was noted that any redeployment of establishment PCSOs would be transparent and evidence based, in line with the type of analysis that was undertaken as part of SDM

– SM requested update on the corporate communications strategy, which RS provided.

– There was a discussion regarding enabling technology and work that is currently ongoing.

– SM agreed that this proposal should be progressed.

ACTION: PF and MS to discuss OPCC comments and requirements for increasing public confidence and pass to Force.

ACTION: RS to share revised communications strategy once completed.


Police and Fire Interoperability Resource

– RS gave overview of business case and SM requested clarification regarding the proposed role. SM requested reassurance that the role will stay within the role of interoperability.

– There was some discussion regarding the current position of the Fire Governance Business Case.

– Reassurance was provided that the additional resource will work with existing OPCC and Force staff and will be focused on actual delivery of Interoperability work streams agreed by Interoperability Board.

– SM agreed that this proposal should be progressed.


Growth of Serious and Organised Crime Team

– JA gave update on SOC strategy and gave brief overview of the business case.

– There was discussion regarding a national versus local perspective and a potential need to reprioritise.

– JA provided reassurance that these positions will provide valuable proactive work to support the investigative resources already in place.

– JA advised that full partnership plan and new communications approach relating to SOC will be considered on 11th April and post this will ensure a brief is provided to PCC.

– SM agreed business case in principle but required site of final comms plan and strategy.


Rape and Serious Sexual Offences Investigation Resources

– JA gave brief overview and context of business case. It was noted that there has been an increase in sexual offences which has resulted in issues with meeting demand in investigations. JA explained that results have been proven via the successful SOLAR pilot in increasing capability and quality of

– RS provided reassurance regarding the requirement for specialists rather than additional training.

– JA explained that figures are based upon current volume of investigations.

– JA also explained costs for training. Budget to be amended to reflect up to date figures.

– SM agreed that this proposal should progressed.


Domestic Abuse Resources

– There was some discussion regarding the effectiveness of the potential to create an inspection team.

– RS provided reassurance that the proposed roles will be expected to provide support and give advice rather than an audit function.

– SM agreed that this proposal should be progressed.


Missing Person Resource

– SM agreed that this proposal should be progressed.

– SE noted good working relationship between Force and OPCC and thanked PCC for the manner in which these discussion have been conducted.

ACTION: MS and RS to create business case for performance improvement force and report back to SM by the end of April.

– There was some discussion about what the performance improvement resource might look like and the objectives it might have.


4. AOB

– There was no other business.