Police Accountability Board Public Notes 13th February 2018

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Action Notes and Decision Record

13th February 2018


1. Welcome and Introductions


Stephen Mold (PCC)

Martin Scoble (CEO)

Paul Fell (Director for Delivery)

Emily Evans (Governance Assistant)

Simon Edens (CC)

James Andronov (ACC)


2. Minutes and Actions from Last Meeting

– Action regarding Registered Sex Offender (RSO) visits to be resolved and whether backlog will be cleared by September 2018.

– SM requested further clarification regarding tolerance levels for outstanding RSO visits.

– ACTION: SE / JA to provide further clarification regarding tolerance levels and what is an acceptable level of outstanding RSO visits.

– ACTION SE /JA to provide clarity on what the level of outstanding visits will be
in September or whether the current resource plan allows for these to be

– ACTION provision of date for clearing of outstanding visits carried forward for
the next Accountability Board.

– ACTION regarding comms plan for FCR carried forward due to plan being
considered by the PIG.

– All other relevant updates given and actions were discharged.


3. Police and Crime Plan Update DRUGS

– SM provided feedback regarding the paper JA suggested that it reflects the position of the Force, in relation to the historic and current but not future position in relation to serious and organised crime.

– It was noted that there should be an increase in the visibility of enforcement in
tackling issues with drugs, by making the by making the visibility of such enforcement clearer to local communities.

– JA gave update and noted change in approach to tackling drugs and gang related activity.

– SM noted concerns regarding lower level drug use, ie for personal use and JA agreed that this is being reviewed.

ACTION: JA to provide update regarding partnership working at next Accountability Board.

– SE noted increased involvement of Neighbourhood Policing Teams and LROs in drugs Operations and work that has been undertaken to ensure staff buy in.

– Vulnerability and the role of ACEs in leading to more serious crime was discussed.

– JA noted that he is confident that the SOC strategy that is being implemented will address the current concerns, including the comments that HMICFRS have made in recent times relating to this agenda.

– Update given regarding preventative work that is ongoing and opportunities to
utilise work completed by other Forces to improve performance.

ACTION: JA to provide a copy of media strategy relating to drugs for support from the OPCC.

– JA summarised that there are opportunities for improvement and gave brief update on what these will look like moving forwards.


4. Police and Crime Plan Update ROAD SAFETY

– SE gave brief summary of report and noted that there are currently low levels of KSIs, however there are high levels of fatalities in this year.

– There was discussion regarding recent media attention speed enforcement has had and the different perceptions that different groups have.

– SE noted involvement of the SRT and the three Es campaign.

– SM requested clarification regarding how often enforcement sites are reviewed.

ACTION: SE to provide information regarding recruitment to bring the SRT staffing levels back up to 6 and clarification regarding how many enforcement vans there are.

– PF provided update regarding ongoing conversations with the SRT to increase the scope of the community speed watch scheme.

– It was agreed that this should be explored further.SE and JA agreed that there was an appetite from them to explore the art of the possible in relation to Community Speed Watch and give consideration to a scheme that allowed where appropriate different scheme groups different levels of interactions and powers.

– There was some discussion regarding the funding provided by the DfT and the number of tickets issued on variable speed camera sites on M1.

– There was a discussion regarding cycling safety initiatives.

ACTION: JA and SE to supply guidance and legal advice that has been provided regarding revenue from speeding awareness courses.

– SM noted that there are opportunities for some increased partnership working.


5. Vulnerable and Protected Persons

– SM requested reassurance that legislative requirements are being met regarding protected persons.

– JA provided reassurance that he is happy with Force performance regarding vulnerable and protected persons. Specifically in relation to protected persons JA provided reassurance that he is satisfied that the processes in place are robust and allow those persons to be protected and protect the integrity of evidence that is provided by them.


6. HMICFRS Report on Use of Force in Custody

– ACTION: PF to cross reference crib note against HMICFRS letter.

– SE provided brief overview of report and noted some potential inaccuracies with the data.

– SE provided details of training and learning provided to Officers.

– It was noted that increase of use of force is as a result of change in recording practices. (such as requirement to record handcuffing as a use of Force).