Police Accountability Board Public Notes 10th May 2017

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Action Notes and Decision Record

10th May 2017


1. Welcome and Introductions


Stephen Mold (SM), Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commissioner (Chair)

Paul Fell (PF), Director for Delivery, OPCC

Emily Evans (EE), Minute Taker, OPCC


Simon Edens (SE), Chief Constable

Andy Frost (AF), Deputy Chief Constable

Pauline Sturman (PS), Superintendent

Mick Stamper (MS), Chief Superintendent

James Andronov (JA), Assistant Chief Constable


– SM introduced the meeting.

– Thanks were given to AF and it was noted that this is last meeting before retirement.


2. Outstanding Issues and Actions from Previous Meeting

– SM reviewed outstanding actions from the previous meeting and PF gave brief update.

– All actions were discharged.


3. 101 Non-Emergency Calls


– PS began by giving a comprehensive explanation of the voice recognition system and the triage process and it was noted that 50% of all 101 calls are diverted through this system and do not enter the control room.

– PS explained how calls are managed and that the expectations of the caller are managed.

– It was noted that significant progress had been made in improving the 101 performance over the past 2 years.


Ongoing Work

– It was suggested that it may be useful to develop a marketing strategy for 101 in order to improve public perception, increasing understanding of the service and how it is used to assist in risk management.

– SM asked what happens if call wait times are too long and PS advised that there is additional work which needs to be completed, although technology was being introduced to give callers the option for a call back service.

– There was some discussion around what good performance would look like and how data can be interpreted accurately.

– Online crime reporting was discussed and it was suggested that along with additional technology, this will help to improve the service.



– PS explained that the Force Control Room is currently experiencing increased demand from other Forces who are not able to answer calls promptly which results in the caller being diverted to Northamptonshire.

– SE advised that there are opportunities regarding demand management and a more robust approach to voicemails and missed calls across the Force.

– SM requested that additional data is provided, particularly data in relation to shortest and longest waiting times.

– SE suggested that performance reporting needs to be adjusted and that improvements have already been made from data recorded 2 years ago.

– There was some discussion around the new online crime reporting system as well as additional technology which could help to improve the service.

– It was noted that there are several opportunities for improvement and these were discussed.

– It was agreed that there is still work to be completed going forward.


Summary and Actions

– SM summarised that further improvements to the 101 service are expected and that he is reassured that appropriate action is being taken in order to achieve this.

– It was agreed that this topic will be reviewed at a future date to be confirmed approx. 4 months.

ACTION: PS to provide additional data to PF in relation to 101 waiting times. (PF and PS to discuss).

ACTION: PS to meet with PF to discuss the details of review work to be undertaken ahead of the return of this matter on this agenda.


4. Specials and Volunteer Programme


– MS introduced the topic and advised on recent progress regarding recruitment. There was an update on changes to the training programme. MS explained the new process and the benefits to the Force.

– MS advised that sufficient numbers of applications have been received as a part off the current recruitment intake and that he is confident that the right people can be found to maintain standards.

– MS gave a brief update on recent and projected figures in relation to numbers and hours of duty undertaken and there was discussion around this.

– SM suggested that there is some communications work which could be completed in order to improve perception around specials.

– MS gave some context around specials and the SDM and there was some discussion around improvements that have been implemented.

– It was noted that there are plans in place to enable better productivity and effectiveness from the Specials.

– It was noted that there has been a significant improvement in perception of the Specials by other members of the Force.

– There was discussion regarding positive impacts of specials and savings which can be made by using them.

– It was noted that improvements need to be demonstrated in order to understand positive impacts.



– MS gave an assurance that all figures will continue to be transparent.

– SM gave thanks for work completed.

ACTION: MS to provide additional figures for comparison to PF. These figures were to include the actual deployed hours of SC March 2015 – April 2016 compared with March 2016 – April 2017.

ACTION: PF to follow up on potential video to promote the value of specials.


5. Service Delivery Model

– AF began by giving update on changes due to be implemented next week (Change Management Board). He gave brief description on how these changes will be governed, how they will be implemented and subsequently developed. AF gave brief outline of timescales and gave assurance that there are plans in place.

– AF gave thanks for securing of additional resources by SM and described work being undertaken to implement new roles with in the Force.

– There was some discussion around the plans for some redeployment of PCSO’s.

– SE provided reassurance that he is expecting the SDM to enable significant improvements at the next inspection.

– It was advised that work is on schedule.

– SM offered additional support to SE which was noted. SE stated that at this time there was nothing else that he required to effectively deliver SDM changes as per the plan and business case. AF made the point that ongoing assistance in relation to framing and articulating communications would be valued, which was agreed by SM.

– SM requested an update regarding shift patterns and flexible working. AF advised of the difficulties around this and that the process needs to be more robust.

– SM noted progress that has been made and gave thanks for engagement and transparency.

ACTION: Creation of a better communications strategy in order to promote the SDM. AF to discuss with Rachel Swann.

ACTION: SM requested clarification around timelines, particularly for recruitment of the new front line roles. AF agreed that additional information will be provided to SM shortly.


6. End of Year Report

Closed Session: Draft End of Year Report was discussed.

ACTION: End of Year Report to be reviewed before next meeting and will appear on the next agenda. PF to discuss with OPCC CE and DCC Swann.


7. AOB

– There was no AOB and SM closed the meeting at 15:35