Police Accountability Board Notes 9th July 2019

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9th July 2019


1. Welcome and introductions


Stephen Mold

Nicci Marzec

Paul Fell

Emily Evans


Nick Adderley

Simon Nickless

James Andronov

Simon Blatchly

Barbara Barrett

Ali Naylor

Colleen Rattigan

  • SM welcomed the meeting.


2. Minutes of previous meeting and action log

  • The Action Log was updated.


3. Internal Audit Regime

  • CH gave apologies for missing or incomplete actions included in the report and provided details regarding new escalation process to prevent this from happening again.
  • CH noted colour coding included on paper is incorrect.
  • SM provided feedback regarding the quality of the report.
  • SM requested assurance given the fact that the report stated all actions were complete from the sickness management internal audit he assumed this meant if there were a further audit then a satisfactory level of assurance finding would be delivered. NA advised that actions are far from complete and that an additional audit would not achieve satisfactory assurance. SM made the point that effective completion was an expectation.
  • CH has not received satisfactory assurance from relevant teams that actions marked as complete would provide satisfactory assurance.
  • There was a discussion regarding different types of leave and the impacts they have on overall absence levels. Different groups and trends were also noted and discussed.
  • ACTION: NA/SM to explore opportunity to do some internal comms in relation to the ongoing changes to improve morale.
  • CH noted next steps for absence management.
  • There was a discussion regarding seized property until May 2020 in resolving some of the issues. Potential disposal options were discussed. There was a suggestion that a task and finish group should be established, CH to progress.
  • CH provided update regarding seized cash, advising of training that is due to take place.
  • CH noted work ongoing to address concerns with MFSS. There was a discussion regarding recruitment and challenges.
  • CH provided update regarding GDPR and actions that have already been taken to mitigate risks.
  • SM offered assistance in resolving these issues.
  • CH advised that he is confident that ongoing work will provide assurance.
  • PF to attend Information Assurance Board to track progress. Item to be revisited should progress stall.


4. Outcome Based Budgeting

  • SN gave update on OBB and work that is ongoing to understand demand and resources.
  • SN advised that he is working on a force organogram that will details all departments across the force and the outputs that they deliver.
  • SM gave support for the procurement of software that can track functions and outputs. It was noted that this function may be provided by Qlik.
  • It was noted that there are cross overs between OBB and FP20.
  • SM suggested that FP20 and OBB could be amalgamated. SN agreed that it is a consideration for the future.
  • There was a discussion regarding an increased focus on the outcomes as an important part of OBB.
  • SN acknowledged that OBB processes could be improved in the future, however made it clear that he did consider that the OBB process was a useful exercise that assisted in assessing how joined up various parts of the organisation were.


5. Well-being Strategy

  • AN provided update and talked through highlights of the report.
  • AN gave update regarding the current CIC contract and alternatives for a new tender.
  • AN noted that the tenders are expected to include a range of qualities and costs and that the options will be brought to the COT / OPFCC for approval.
  • SM requested additional information in relation to performance measurement. AN advised that absence rates and workforce morale are both indicators. There was some signs of sickness levels stabilising and while there was no hard evidence, feedback and anecdotal evidence suggested that morale had improved in recent times.
  • AN noted opportunities to promote the service to get better benefits from it.
  • There was a discussion regarding the impact that supervisors can have on improving sickness levels, however it was noted that supervisors need increased support to carry out interventions.
  • There was a discussion about the new early intervention rates within HR and the positive impacts these are expected to have on sickness levels.


6. Safeguarding of Children and Promotion of Child Welfare

  • It was noted that the staff in the MASH should be integrated better and that they should share office space. There are plans in place for this to happen.
  • SB advised of attendance at new statutory partnership group which meets monthly to maintain oversight of the child safeguarding partnership.
  • There was a discussion regarding the recent SCRs and learning that has been taken from them.
  • The bulk of the paper provided and update in relation to the recent HMICFRS inspection that has taken place. SM noted that the report provided satisfactory reassurance.
  • SM requested reassurance regarding any current backlogs, referenced in the paper. NA noted that significant improvements have been made and that he will continue to monitor progress to ensure that the situation continues to improve.
  • There was a discussion regarding issues with provisions for looked after children and children entering the county from other regions.
  • SM requested reassurance regarding HMICFRS recommendations. There was a discussion regarding a recommendation that partners are applying inconsistent thresholds. SB advised that this is being picked up as part of the review of the MASH.
  • SM requested reassurance that THRIVE is being audited. SN noted that it is audited by the FCR with additional plans to implement additional auditing.
  • There was a discussion regarding RSOs and the new policy implemented to manage risk.
  • SM requested assurance from the Chief Constable that the recommendations are being actioned. NA advised that he is confident in the team and content with progress so far.
  • There was a discussion regarding criminal justice in Northamptonshire and opportunities for improvements.
  • SM gave thanks for the report.


6. HMICFRS Custody Inspection

  • SB gave brief outline of report and the recommendations.
  • There was a discussion regarding supervision levels in custody and a potential need for a custody cadre.
  • SM noted good progress and requested reassurance that he is comfortable recommendations have been embedded.
  • NA advised that he is content with progress so far but that ongoing monitoring is required to ensure standards are maintained.
  • There was a discussion regarding juveniles in custody and accommodation for them. SM offered his support in resolving the situation.
  • ACTION: Ongoing monitoring of Juveniles in custody and update to be provided to PFCC in September.


6. AOB


  • There was no other business.