Police Accountability Board Notes 8th October 2019

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8th October 2019


1. Welcome and introductions


Stephen Mold

Nicci Marzec

Helen King

Louise Sheridan


Nick Adderley

Simon Nickless

Colleen Rattigan


  • Apologies were accepted from Paul Fell

    SM welcomed everyone to the meeting.


2. Minutes of previous meeting and action log

  • Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.
  • The Action Log was updated.


3. Establishment

    • SM advised that the paper providing information about the current force establishment did not provide clarity he was seeking on the number of deployable officers.
    • SM also sought assurance that the force would have an establishment of 1501 officers by the end of March 2023 along with a clear recruitment plan for how this will be achieved.
    • SN advised that deployable strength doesn’t include those in temp positions; of the current 1219 police officer establishment, 1167 are deployable. (Taking into account those on sick, compassionate leave and restricted duties)
    • SN provided information on plans to better identify gaps across the organisation including the use of QLIK.
    • There was a discussion about workforce planning to ensure experienced roles are covered and staff moves are tracked correctly.
    • SN agreed to share the current organogram with SM which will help to explain the current deployable numbers.

    ACTION – SN to send current organogram to SM and then share on a quarterly basis.

    • There was a discussion about the forecasting assumptions for recruitment between now and March 2021.
    • SN confirmed he will have the next level of demand forecasting for NA by 17th October and will inform strategic planning.
    • Recruitment via IPLDP ends in June 2020 however the force has requested an extension for a further 12 months, until June 2021.
    • There was a discussion about pressures on the budget including the pay rise and inflation and the impact on affordability.
    • HK confirmed the force are modelling lots of different scenarios in line with the recruitment plan. In addition, modelling for predicted demand will inform the strategic decisions and the budget with agreed outcomes against it.
    • SM is unequivocal that he will not consider any latitude to agreed baseline until he has the costs for all the different scenarios.
    • There was a discussion regarding the projected uplift from the government three-year police recruitment programme and an acknowledgement that the uplift comes with additional pressures. It is not clear at this time that future pressures have been factored into funding from the Home Office.
    • The diversity of applications was also discussed. Currently 3.7% representation in officers versus 8.5% representation in Northamptonshire in 2011.

    ACTION – Emergency Service Recruitment Day in Kent. SN to discuss if a similar day would be beneficial in Northants with PB. Fire also recruiting and have similar issues with diversity.

    ACTION – SN to invite Barbara Barrett and team to Chief’s Community Supper on 17th October. Opportunity to discuss barriers to recruitment in different communities.

    ACTION – SM to talk to Darren Dovey re Fire Recruitment. Potential to refer any applicants rejected by NFRS to the force recruitment drive.

4. Intergrated Peel Assessment Report

    • SM asked for clarification around the timescales for each AFI. Currently it is difficult to understand the progress being made, if progress has been delayed or when it will be concluded.
    • SM is seeking reassurance that we are collectively completing the AFI work as required and embedding the improvements in business as usual.
    • SM requested further reassurance from NA that the three main areas of concern as highlighted by the Peel Inspection are documented and tracked in an auditable document.
    • SM acknowledged he is more confident than he has ever been that the force is going in the right direction but can’t substantiate it with the limited information shared in the report.
    • NA confirmed all AFI’s are documented in an AFI tracker that he will share with SM

    Action –  NA to share AFI tracker with SM

5. AOB

  • There was no other business.
  • SM gave thanks to the meeting.