Police Accountability Board Notes 13th August2019

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13th August 2019


1. Welcome and introductions


Stephen Mold

Helen King

Paul Bullen

Paul Fell

Nick Adderley

Simon Nickless

Simon Blatchly

James Andronov

Chris Hillery

Colleen Rattigan


  • SM welcomed the meeting.


2. Minutes of previous meeting and action log

  • Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.
  • The Action Log was updated.


3. Freedom of Information and Subject Access Requests

  • SN gave update on key issues, including information retention, security and quality which all require significant improvement.
  • SN informed the meeting of work that is ongoing to resolve the issues, including looking at solutions from other Forces.
  • There was a discussion regarding requirements set by the ICO.
  • SM advised that he will challenge the process nationally to reduce potentially vexatious requests as resources would be better placed elsewhere. It was agreed that this will not take place till after a further update post November.
  • It was noted that the complexity of the law and volume of work generated has contributed to the backlog.
  • It was suggested that there needs to be a maintained increase in staff in the Information Unit to maintain good service levels.
  • ACTION: the force will consult the ICO in relation to the recommendations from the NPCC peer review.
  • SN provided reassurance that they hope to be reaching compliant levels in November and that progress will be monitored closely.
  • ACTION: SN to provide update on FOI / SAR progress at the November meeting.
  • There was a discussion regarding information retention and potential solutions.
  • SM noted thanks for update and progress that has been made.


4. Quarterly Performance Update

  • SN provided update on performance and noted national and local initiatives and operations that have been carried out recently.
  • SN provided update on progress made by CIRV.
  • There was a discussion regarding reducing gun crime and work that is undertaken to reduce it.
  • It was noted that the Early Intervention and Youth Work Teams will have positive impact on reducing SOC.
  • There was a discussion regarding the ANPR network and potential to expand it.
  • SN advised of ongoing work to reduce reoffending.
  • An update was provided by SN regarding CSE and current performance levels.
  • There was a discussion regarding establishment numbers and the ongoing recruitment as part of FP20.
  • SM requested reassurance regarding an increase in sexual crimes. SN advised that there has been an increase in reporting partly due to disclosures on DASH forms and increased confidence.
  • NA provided reassurance that an increase in reporting has caused the increase rather than an increase in the number of incidents taking place.
  • SM noted good progress on road safety and residential burglary.
  • NA provided reassurance that the Force are maintaining momentum.
  • There was a discussion regarding domestic violence and SM requested reassurance that progress will be maintained.


5. Public Confidence

  • JA gave update on new digital approach to surveying public confidence which give a more detailed understanding.
  • JA noted increased accessibility and ways of engaging with the Force, which will increase satisfaction and confidence.
  • Engagement in the Neighbourhood Policing Teams has increased and they are requesting input from members of the public to identify local priorities.
  • SM welcomes the holistic approach across the organisation.
  • JA identified potential gaps in engagement activity.
  • JA noted importance of use of social media to get information out and gather intelligence.
  • SM noted ongoing work being carried out by the OPFCC and potential opportunities to link together.
  • SM requested reassurance regarding maintaining and continuing to increase public confidence whilst FP 20 is being developed and implemented. NA provided reassurance that learning has been taken from the SDM to ensure that there is a good understanding of what is required.
  • SM noted that he has confidence in the delivery of FP20.
  • SN advised that satisfaction rates will begin to increase due to increased ownership and better outcomes.
  • There was a discussion regarding measures in place to ensure that demand is managed appropriately and that quality is maintained.


6. AOB

  • There was no other business.