Police Accountability Board Notes 12th February 2019

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12th February 2019


1. Welcome and introductions


Stephen Mold (PCC)

Paul Bullen

Paul Fell

Emily Evans


Nick Adderley (CC)

Simon Blatchly (ACC)

James Andronov (ACC)

Paul Dawkins

Ali Naylor


– SM welcomed the meeting.

– SM noted concerns regarding the timeliness and quality of the papers provided.

– NA provided reassurance that there is a process in place to ensure that the issues with the papers are resolved going forward.

– SM noted his confidence in the COT to deliver going forward.


2. Police and Crime delivery plan – visibility and accessibility

– NA introduced report and noted that further detail is required, which will be provided on a number of points.

– NA noted positive social media presence, however there are still opportunities to promote good news stories to increase public confidence.

– SM requested additional detail regarding watch schemes, including the strategic approach and outcomes.

ACTION: JA to provide additional detail regarding oversight and development of watch schemes.

– SM requested additional details regarding Special Constables and the Force position and strategy.

ACTION: JA to provide additional update regarding the Force position on how it sees numbers and roles of Special Constables.

– SM noted that the types of activities outlined in the paper are important in engaging with the communities and increasing accessibility and visibility.

ACTION: COT (JA) to develop plan about wider public confidence and to be brought to accountability board to monitor progress in 3-6 months.


3. 1/4ly performance update

– SM noted that there are some positive points.

ACTION: SM requested additional detail regarding abandoned 101 calls because it appears to have increased. This should outline the reasons for this and if this is linked to alternative means of public contact.

– SM asked NA if he is satisfied with the 49% attendance rate. NA advised that he has requested some additional work in order to establish whether this figure is acceptable. This will be dependent of whether the right sort of incidents are being attended.

– AN noted that establishment figures contained in the report are drawn from a different source and are causing confusion. She will ensure that these are in future removed from 1/4ly performance updates.

– There was a discussion regarding the plan for reducing burglary and increasing positive outcomes. It was noted that this will increase public confidence. NA has produced an approach to burglary that aims to reduce numbers of residential burglary, improve satisfaction and increase positive outcomes. The high level aspiration here is to reduce levels to the MSG
average within 12 months.

– SM noted that he will continue to monitor performance through the Accountability process.

– PF has started work with the Force to create a set of metrics for a performance dashboards.

– There was a discussion regarding violent crime and it was advised that the categories are broken down further and are available to the PCC.

– SM noted positive work in the Safer Roads Team.

ACTION: NA and SM to meet to discuss return of EMOpSS staff and the future shape of vehicle fleet of the vehicle fleet.

ACTION: JA to provide analysis on the reduction on ASB incidents.

ACTION: PF to consider how to better understand uncooperative DV victims.

– There was a discussion regarding DV strategy.

– SM requested additional information regarding Operation Kayak which was provided by NA.

– There was a discussion regarding the possibility of a late night levy.

ACTION: SM and NA to meet to discuss the possibility of a late night levy.

– SM noted that the VOICE performance has dramatically increased in the past 12 months.


4. HMICFRS PEEL inspection post hot debrief response

– NA noted his disappointment with some aspects of the debrief and that he is meeting with HMICFRS to discuss the current position and the effectiveness of the SDM.

– NA advised that although a lot of good work has gone in to SDM, it has not delivered and that it is time for major change.
– Positive work in Neighbourhood Policing was noted.

– Concerns regarding outstanding AFIs that have not been addressed.

– NA advised of areas of concern that were highlighted by HMICFRS and advised that there are several AFIs that can be addressed quite quickly.

– NA advised of process that will be put in place to ensure that the AFIs are addressed and that progress is monitored effectively. He will make DCC responsible for a PEEL board with a monthly progress update to himself.

– NA provided reassurance that the Force will not be in the same position at the next inspection.


5. Budget update

– PD drew attention to the graph and gave explanation of current establishment.

– SM noted concerns regarding these numbers and advised that funding will only be available for Officers recruited over establishment.

– PF noted that he is meeting with the Force to discuss this further in March.

– There was a discussion regarding the Force position and how they set the budget.

– PD advised that he will be able to provide further detail and clarification at the meeting in March.


6. AOB

– There was no other business.