Police Accountability Board Notes 11th June 2019

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11th June 2019


1. Welcome and introductions


Stephen Mold

Helen King

Paul Bullen

Paul Fell

Nick Adderley

Simon Nickless

Simon Blatchly

James Andronov

Chris Hillery

Colleen Rattigan


  • SM welcomed the meeting.


2. Minutes of previous meeting and action log

  • Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.
  • The Action Log was updated.


3. Internal Audit Regime

  • CH gave apologies for missing or incomplete actions included in the report and provided details regarding new escalation process to prevent this from happening again.
  • CH noted colour coding included on paper is incorrect.
  • SM provided feedback regarding the quality of the report.
  • SM requested assurance given the fact that the report stated all actions were complete from the sickness management internal audit he assumed this meant if there were a further audit then a satisfactory level of assurance finding would be delivered. NA advised that actions are far from complete and that an additional audit would not achieve satisfactory assurance. SM made the point that effective completion was an expectation.
  • CH has not received satisfactory assurance from relevant teams that actions marked as complete would provide satisfactory assurance.
  • There was a discussion regarding different types of leave and the impacts they have on overall absence levels. Different groups and trends were also noted and discussed.
  • ACTION: NA/SM to explore opportunity to do some internal comms in relation to the ongoing changes to improve morale.
  • CH noted next steps for absence management.
  • There was a discussion regarding seized property until May 2020 in resolving some of the issues. Potential disposal options were discussed. There was a suggestion that a task and finish group should be established, CH to progress.
  • CH provided update regarding seized cash, advising of training that is due to take place.
  • CH noted work ongoing to address concerns with MFSS. There was a discussion regarding recruitment and challenges.
  • CH provided update regarding GDPR and actions that have already been taken to mitigate risks.
  • SM offered assistance in resolving these issues.
  • CH advised that he is confident that ongoing work will provide assurance.
  • PF to attend Information Assurance Board to track progress. Item to be revisited should progress stall.



  • NA introduced the report and gave update on progress made to reduce inappropriate deployments and increase cost savings without impacting service delivery.
  • SM noted support in the deployment of drones.
  • SM Noted that he was pleased with this report and the progress made on this issue.
  • ACTION: PF to ensure that NA is kept informed on the ongoing discussions relating to drones he is having with Force and NFRS


5. Equality and Diversity

  • CH gave apologies for the quality of the paper provided and advised that it has been picked up with the relevant people.
  • There was a discussion regarding Neighbourhood Alert and potential opportunities to get more people to sign up.
  • ACTION: NA to meet with Ash Tuckley to explore opportunities to promote Neighbourhood Alert within the FCR.
  • CH noted that there are limited outcomes provided in the paper.
  • PF noted that there is some resistance within the Force regarding using Neighbourhood Alert.
  • ACTION: NA to consider the use of Neighbourhood Alert and the renewal of the contract next year.
  • There was a discussion about the use of Neighbourhood Alert to promote good news stories and increase public confidence.
  • CH gave updates on other outstanding areas where limited assurance was given, including the Reasonable Grounds Panel, Stop Search Backlog and BWV.
  • There was a discussion regarding disproportionality and work that is ongoing to understand it.
  • It was noted that Stop Searches should be captured on BWV unless there are operational reasons not to.
  • CH advised of positive outcomes in relation to Stop Searches.
  • It was noted that gender balance has significantly improved within the workforce.
  • ACTION: CH to provide figures in relation to workforce diversity dating back to 2016.


6. AOB

  • There was no other business.
  • SM gave thanks to the meeting.