Police Accountability Board Notes 10th September 2019

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10th September 2019


1. Welcome and introductions


Stephen Mold

Nicci Marzec

Paul Fell

Emily Evans

James Andronov

Simon Blatchly

Mandy Rowlatt


  • SM welcomed the meeting.


2. Minutes of previous meeting and action log

  • Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.
  • The Action Log was updated.


3. Domestic Abuse Update

  • SB gave apologies that Richard Tompkins was not able to attend.
  • There was a discussion regarding crime recording rules for repeat victims and differentiation.
  • JA noted positive increase in arrest rate.
  • There was a discussion regarding opportunities for early intervention.
  • ACTION: JA and NM to devise a plan for DA early intervention through the prevention and intervention board.
  • ACTION: MR to provide data in relation to DA and other rapes.
  • SM requested reassurance regarding arrest rates and outcomes. SB provided reassurance that the appropriate decisions are being made. JA noted connection between response times and uncooperative victims.
  • There was a discussion regarding digital evidence and its importance in supporting prosecution.
  • ACTION: SM to speak with Dominic Goble regarding prosecutors not using digital evidence due to insufficient court time.
  • ACTION: MR to provide additional data in relation to the use of digital evidence in court and the number of occasions that it is not used.
  • There was a discussion regarding missed opportunities to intervene early.
  • ACTION: JA to provide additional information in relation to dip in the arrest rate for Domestic Abuse.
  • There was a discussion regarding DA outcomes.
  • ACTION: MR to feedback in relation to MH and substance abuse services working together to provide concurrent interventions.
  • There was a discussion regarding target hardening.
  • SM noted that the report is positive and that DA performance is improving.
  • SM gave thanks for the report.


4. Northampton Crown Court Performance

  • MR introduced report and gave overview of current Northampton Crown Court Performance.
  • ACTION: SM to write to MoJ regarding vacations due to insufficient Court time.
  • MR advised of ongoing work to improve performance and outcomes.
  • MR suggested that a multiagency approach is required to improve performance.
  • ACTION: PF and MR to discuss establishing a multi-agency criminal justice board.
  • There was a discussion regarding court delays and the impact that these have on performance in relation to guilty pleas.
  • ACTION: MR to provide additional detail regarding the 18 cases vacated not due to insufficient Court Time.
  • There was a discussion regarding ongoing work between the OPFCC and Force to resolve issues in relation to information sharing with the NHS.
  • There was a discussion regarding a Crown Advocate role that could be beneficial in relation to preparation for trails. It was noted that this role exists in other regions, however there is a reluctance from the CPS to provide them for Northants.
  • There was a discussion regarding the performance data and ways to improve.
  • It was noted that improve court performance and consistency would have significant positive impacts on the victim.
  • Attendees were supportive of the establishment of a LCJB.
  • SB advised that some of the performance issues are outside of the control of the force.
  • SM requested an update regarding traditional forensics and MR advised of some delays in processing items which could potentially encourage an early guilty plea. SB advised of ongoing discussions to prioritise processing.
  • MR provided update on remedial action and noted that it is not currently captured.
  • ACTION: MR to provide additional data in relation to court performance.
  • There was a discussion regarding risks in relation to the loss of the FIT and training requirements for response officers who will need to build CPS files going forward. There are plans in place for training new recruits. JA noted that the new policing model will create clear accountability which will enable the force to identify training requirements and areas for improvement.
  • SM gave thanks to MR.

5. AOB

  • There was no other business.
  • SM gave thanks to the meeting.