Keep Safe Scheme

The Keep Safe card is for anyone in Northamptonshire who may have a disability or illness which makes them feel vulnerable when they are out from their home.

After you fill in a Keep Safe application form we will send you a Keep Safe card.

The card folds into a plastic wallet you can keep in your pocket or bag.

You should always carry the Keep Safe card with you when you go out. If you need help you can show the card to someone who can help you. This should be someone you trust.

If you see this sticker in a window it means the staff working there know about the Keep Safe Scheme and can help you.

But if you can’t find somewhere with a sticker in the window you can show your card to others who may be able to help you. This could be a member of staff in the nearest shop or pub, or someone like a traffic warden or PCSO. Try to find someone who’s job it is to help members of the public.

The police, fire and ambulance service know about the Keep Safe Card. They will know what support you need even if you don’t have your card with you.

You can complete an online application form, or download an application form here

You can watch the Keep Safe Scheme event here. The Keep Safe Scheme is paid for by the Office of Police and Crime Commissioner.

You can also download a copy of the leaflet promoting the Keep Safe Scheme by clicking here

If you have any questions about the Keep Safe Scheme you can call 01604 888963 or Email

There are other schemes that are like the Keep Safe Scheme around the country. You can search for locations on the Safe Places website.

Even if there isn’t a Safe Places Scheme in a town it will still be helpful to show your card to someone if you need to ask for help.


Remember, this should be someone who can make you feel safe. This could be a Police Community Support Officers, someone working in a shop or places like libraries, council offices or GP surgeries.

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