Decision Record 161- Vehicle Recovery Services

Office of Northamptonshire Police, Fire and Crime CommissionerOffice of Northamptonshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner




Decision Record Number 161

This document records a decision taken by the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, together with details of the advice he received prior to taking the decision.


Decision taken:

The PFCC has agreed a contract for the supply of vehicle recovery services to be provided by the following suppliers:

  • Crouch Recovery
  • CMG
  • Ratcliffes
  • Threadgolds

The period of contracts shall be 2nd September 2019 to the 1st September 2022 and include an option to extend for two further years.


Whilst there is some expenditure for the force for these contracts, the income generated through management fee exceeds this. The costs and income will vary depending on demand, and as such figures aren’t stated, however, previous annual figures evidence higher income than expenditure.


Details of advice taken


Professional operational, financial and legal advice has been sought to ensure the decision best supports frontline operational needs and represents value for money.


Stephen Mold

Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner

22nd August 2019