Decision Record 160- PFCC Grants

Office of Northamptonshire Police, Fire and Crime CommissionerOffice of Northamptonshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner




Decision Record Number 160

This document records a decision taken by the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, together with details of the advice he received prior to taking the decision.


Decision taken:

In May 2019, the PFCC launched Grant funding opportunities for the following Initiatives:


Supporting Communities Fund                                                       £100,000

Making Northamptonshire Safer                                                    £100,000

Tackling Hate Crime                                                                          £11,063

Northamptonshire Road Safety Community Fund                 `  £150,000


Details of the Grant Initiatives are available on the PFCC website.



Details of advice taken: 

Professional operational, financial and legal advice has been sought to ensure the decision best supports frontline operational needs and represents value for money.

SM - Signature

Stephen Mold

Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner