Decision Record 119 – EMC SourceOne Archiving 2019

Office of Northamptonshire Police, Fire and Crime CommissionerOffice of Northamptonshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner




Decision Record Number 119

This document records a decision taken by the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, together with details of the advice he received prior to taking the decision.


Decision taken:

To agree a three year extension to the existing contract for EMC SourceOne Archive Licence capacity and three year  software support. This will allow Northamptonshire Police to utilize any software in the DPS for Archive portfolio and will assist when moving to Office 365 which is expected to take place around/before September/November 2021. Dell EMC SourceOne Archiving is advanced archiving software, available for both on-premise and the cloud, which archives email and information from messaging systems, file servers, and collaboration systems.


Details of advice taken: 

Professional financial and legal advice has been sought to ensure the decision best supports business need and represents value for money.

SM - Signature

Stephen Mold

Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner